This Is How To Use Coconut Oil And Baking Soda To Look 10 Years Younger

This Is How To Use Coconut Oil And Baking Soda To Look 10 Years Younger
This Is How To Use Coconut Oil And Baking Soda To Look 10 Years Younger

If you have issues with wrinkles and sagging facial skin, do now not worry. In the following textual content, we will present you tremendous homemade herbal cleanser that will put an end to your problems.

In this article, we will exhibit you a recipe for an incredible herbal face cleaner that will provide deep cleaning of the pores and resource your efforts to do away with acne and blackheads.

This natural combo will help you get rid of lifeless skin cells, eliminate excess grime and dirt and take away acne, scars, and redness.

This herbal face cleaner combines two amazingly nice natural substances – coconut oil and baking soda.
As we all know, baking soda is a very strong, versatile ingredient that is utilized in many distinctive ways. For instance, people use baking soda to prepare exceptional baked goods, as well as when performing household chores. Baking soda comes in reachable when you are in need of a natural sharpening or deodorizing product.

In addition, some of them use baking soda as a cleaning product, as a replacement for toxic and detrimental industrial cleaners.



  • 2 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil
  • A teaspoon of baking soda


Mix the elements in a bowl until they shape a paste. Apply it on the affected area, rubbing slowly.

Leave the mask on for 5 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water. You can follow a gentle rub down after treatment.

You do no longer need to apply a moisturizer after the process because coconut oil will hydrate your pores and skin perfectly.


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