Knit Comfortable Scarf


Difficulty: low

Work time: 4 hours

Materials: knitting needles , yarn , gift , gift to the girl

For those who know how to knit facial and purl loops. Materials for creativity – knitting needles 4.5, Stella yarn from VITA 2 pieces (48% wool, 52% acrylic, 255 m – 100 grams), mohair Delicate from NAKO (40% mohair, 60% acrylic, 500 m – 100gr) 0.5 hanks. It is necessary to knit in three additions -2 wool mixture + mohair.

I cite these calculations for this kind of yarn, but you can replace it with another appropriate one (if you can’t calculate it yourself, they will be happy to help you in the yarn shop, usually competent sellers work there).
On needles 4.5, type 10 loops (5 cm), knit garter stitch – all rows are facial, at the same time adding 1 loop on each side.

Increments to do in every second row 9 times (get 28 loops on the spoke -20 cm width). To knit garter stitch up to a height of 15 cm. In the next row, evenly lower 13 loops, 15 loops will remain. Knit 8 cm with an elastic band 1 * 1 and put the loops on auxiliary needle.

Gather 15 loops from the back of the last row of kerchief and knit 8 cm with an elastic band (you get the second side of the loop into which the other end of the scarf will be inserted).

Tie all the loops together as follows: knit the first loop with the auxiliary needles together with the first loop in work, then the second loop with the auxiliary needles together with the second loop in work, etc.

In the next row, add 13 loops evenly, you get 28pel. Knit garter stitch.

When the length of the work reaches 75 cm, in the next row reduce 13 loops evenly (15 loops will remain), knit 15 loops with an elastic band, then in the next row add 13 loops evenly – 28 loops will turn out, and continue to knit garter stitch for another 8 cm.

At the same time, diminishing on both sides through the row as follows: on the right – remove the loop without knitting, 1 face and stretch through the removed; on the left – 2 facial together. When 10 loops remain in operation, close all loops.

A little patience and our skill – and in the wardrobe you or close people will have an amazing and warm thing that will emphasize your individuality !!!

There is a similar description of scarves on the Internet … and you don’t have to throw slippers at me))) … but I supplemented it with my calculations and notes for beginning knitters!! This is very important (loop calculations for a specific type of yarn) !

On the Internet, as always, there is a sea of ​​information and notes, but not everything is clear to us.

I tied many of these scarves to order and for gifts, and not a single lady who saw such an interesting “little thing” remained indifferent. Such a gift will decorate and, most importantly, warm the beautiful creatures 🙂

I really hope that my article will be useful and necessary for you! If somewhere something is incomprehensibly explained – ask, be sure, I will explain 🙂

Still, agree that knitting is an interesting and exciting experience!

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