8 Symptoms That Warn You Of a Heart Attack

8 Symptoms That Warn You Of a Heart Attack
8 Symptoms That Warn You Of a Heart Attack

Knowing how to recognize these signals in time can be essential to prevent heart attack and avoid a fatal outcome.

Sometimes, simply by listening to our body we could avoid health problems such as a heart attack.

And is that, believe it or not, a month before this unpleasant situation occurs, the body begins to warn you. Throughout the article we explain 8 symptoms that you can begin to feel until a month before a heart attack occurs. If you have suffered a series of them, do not hesitate to see the doctor as soon as possible.

8 Symptoms that warn you of a heart attack:


Fatigue is a problem that we can often notice without it being a symptom of something as serious as a heart attack can be. However, we must pay attention to this sign. Fatigue as a symptom prior to a heart attack occurs, above all, in women.

It would be observed that it is a type of fatigue that is not associated with physical exercise or with mental effort. In addition, we will notice that it increases at the end of the day. This makes even the simplest tasks a real effort.

2. Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain, especially in the upper part of the abdomen, as well as nausea even on an empty stomach or stomach swelling, manifests days before a heart attack.

Also, if you are a person who practices physical activity, you will notice that this pain intensifies at the moment of doing it.

3.Sleep problems

Sleep problems may also be related to a heart condition. Insomnia is among the symptoms of increased risk. Generally, I would be accompanied with anxiety and bad concentration. This situation also has more prevalence in women.

4.Restful breathing

Agitated breathing is another symptom that occurs one or several months before the heart attack occurs.

Most times, agitated breathing is accompanied by dizziness and shortness of breath.

5. Hair loss

Accelerated hair loss occurs mostly in men, but it can also occur in women.

Also, keep in mind that this hair loss is related to a high level of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is excreted in response to stress and a low level of glucocorticoids in the blood.

When the fall is associated with a heart attack, it usually intensifies in the area of ​​the crown of the head.

6. Heart rhythm

The interrupted heart rate is another symptom that we should not overlook. In this case it is more typical of men, while in women it is accompanied by panic and anxiety.

These appear without warning and can manifest in different ways, such as arrhythmias or tachycardias.

Patients suffering from atherosclerosis, tachycardia may appear after physical exercise. Usually, these symptoms last 1 to 2 minutes.

In the event that it lasts for more than 2 minutes, dizziness and a feeling of weakness may appear.

7. Excess sweat

Excessive sweating, both day and night, is also a symptom related to a heart attack. This signal is more frequent in women.

Be careful because many women think they are signs of menopause. However, excess sweat also occurs between men.

It is a cold and sticky sweat, very similar to the one we have when we catch a cold. It appears regardless of the temperature or physical activity that the person performs.

8.Pain in the chest

Both the type and intensity of chest pain is very different between men and women.

For example, among men it is a very frequent symptom, but in women only this symptom is observed in 30% of cases.

This pain in the chest can come from the arms. The most usual thing is that it is from the left, although it is not always the case.

Pain in the lower jaw, throat, shoulders, neck and stomach is also common.

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